LillyI was walking down an alley behind 16th Avenue, Music Row, in Nashville one morning heading for breakfast. I crossed 16th and as I walked across another alley I glanced and saw the shadows of a man and a dog a few feet apart. The two seemed wary of each other, but the old man ruffled through his pockets and found a small brown bag. He took something out, food I guessed, and reached out his hand to the old dog.

After breakfast I walked down the Row to work. The old stray dog and the man were still sitting in the alley but seemed a bit closer to each other than that morning. By suppertime I purposely walked to the alley. I wasn’t sure what I might see, but I wasn’t surprised that they were walking side by side away from me down that alley, an old stray dog and a worn out old man. I promised myself I would write a song about that someday.